Our Services

Find the best ways to motivate your team or staff to maximize its potential

With renewed energy around providing comprehensive personal and career development services for student-athletes; athletic departments are devoting valuable resources such as time, personnel and funds to creating and sustaining Student-Athlete Development departments that are engaging, relevant and beneficial to student-athletes during their playing days and beyond. Let us help you assess and create a Student-Athlete Development department that meets the needs of your student-athletes, coaches and programs. Partnership includes on-site interviews and assessment, a thorough recommendation report and ongoing retainer, if desired.

Life Skills Curriculum and Review

With more than 17 years of experience overseeing the CHAMPS/Life Skills program on an institutional and national level, we have the expertise to evaluate your current Life Skills curriculum and delivery, or collaborate with you if you are starting a new program.

Workshops, Retreats and Keynotes

Select from one of our more popular workshops, keynote or retreat options or let us create something to meet your unique needs for individuals, teams or entire departments.

A partial menu includes:

•  Developing and Sustaining an Empowered and Effective SAAC
•  Managing Generational Differences and Synergies
•  Mental Skills Training Topics
     →  Resilience and Mental Toughness
     →  Mission Setting vs. Goal Setting
     →  Stress Management
     →  Constructive Confrontation Among Team Members
     →  Leading Through Change
     →  Managing Up
     →  Enhancing Team Synergy/Team Building
     →  Creating an Effective Resume and Cover Letter to Tell your Story

DISC Training

We have partnered with Athlete Assessments to provide individual or team behavioral style profiles. Self-awareness will help you develop your emotional intelligence and increase your ability to consistently improve your performance and that of your team. Request an individual or team assessment with accompanying individual debrief or team facilitation. The experience of engaging with the DISC is an excellent process for any individual, sport team, senior staff or conference office. Select DISC for Athletes, DISC for Coaches or DISC for Sport Managers.

Janssen Sports Leadership Center

We have partnered with the Janssen Sports Leadership Center to offer leadership summits, retreats and academies to serve all of your athletic department leadership needs for high schools or colleges. The leadership training can be tailored anywhere from a one-time event to a multiple-time academy setting where we spend up to six visits a year on campus.